3 Degree Guarantee!

We all know that during Vegas Summer days you could fry an egg on a sidewalk, but our city’s weather also ranges from 90 mph winds, to stormy rains causing flash floods, to scorching triple digit heat, to 8 inches of snow covering the valley. Being a meteorologist in Las Vegas is no easy feat. Luckily for The Cupcake Girls, and all the other amazing non profit organizations that reside in Las Vegas, we have Kevin Janison on our side predicting our weather reports.

During the evening weekday broadcasts, Kevin Janison, NBC’s meteorologist for Channel 3 News, predicts the next day’s temperature. Every time he is within 3 degrees, Channel 3 along with one of their partners donates $100 to a local charity for an entire month!

We would like to dedicate The Cupcake Girls June blog to send a special thank you to Kevin Janison and the entire NBC Las Vegas Channel 3 News team for choosing The Cupcake Girls as this month’s beneficiary for their ‘3 Degree Guarantee’ charity program.

Just this year, Kevin Janison’s very accurate weather predictions were able to raise $8,400 for some incredible local charities:

  • $2,200 for Barn Buddies Rescue in May

  • $1,900 for Helping Hands in April

  • $2,200 for Children’s Heart Foundation in March

  • $2,100 to the Ruby Red Slippers Project in February.

Kevin’s weather predictions for June so far are 10 days for $1,000 and we couldn’t be more grateful for his amazing meteorology skills as well as Channel 3 News and partners’ generosity.

We urge all of our readers to watch Kevin Janison weekday broadcasts to provide you with the most accurate forecast while giving back to the community on Channel 3 News Live at 11:00 pm.

Thank you again Channel 3 News Team and this month’s partner, Abbey Dental, for delaying our summer heat and cooling things down by making it rain.