A Very Merry Christmas

We went into clubs on Saturday, December 20th for our customary monthly visits, armed with cupcakes and hand-designed Christmas gifts for all of our clients. I connected with several women who had never heard of us before. With these initial interactions, I always emphasize that although we come to the clubs monthly with cupcakes and complimentary hair and make-up services, our main support network for our clients comes from the one-on-one relationships we build as we hear their stories and connect them with any resources they might be looking for. As I was curling someone’s hair, another woman came up to me and started asking more about the services we offer. I was thrilled to expand upon the different resources we have connections with and emphasized if she ever needed ANYTHING we wanted to support her in any way possible. She mentioned that she was a single mom, and it had been a really challenging month financially with increased utility bills and other expenses and she was struggling to find a way to financially make Christmas happen for her baby.

“How old is your baby?” I asked.

“She’s 4.”

“We can definitely do something for you.”


I had her text our 24-hour hotline right then and promised that we would follow up with her as soon as possible, especially considering we were only a few days out from Christmas. Our team pulled together in an incredible way, collecting several things her daughter had specifically asked for as well as over $200 in gift cards the mother could use to purchase various items for her family.


On Christmas Eve, with the baby of our Chief of Communications dressed as an elf, we delivered a car full of presents to her house. She was so happy to receive everything we brought, and it was such a beautiful picture of the way that our organization works sincerely to provide respect, resources and relationships to adult entertainers.  This past Saturday I saw her again on our monthly club night, and the minute she saw my face, she wrapped me in a hug, thanking me over and over for following through. She kept saying, “Thank you so much! I love you guys so much!”

We respect and value our clients as well as their goals and truly appreciate opportunities to build relationships with them.  Although not all adult entertainers need additional support and connections to resources, The Cupcake Girls exist to assist those that do.  From financial planning to Christmas wishes, we are here to support as needed.

Peace, Love & Cupcakes,