Why is an organization that specializes in supporting adult entertainers, and connecting them to community resources, named after a baked good? Our name grew its roots when our founder, Joy Hoover, began visiting clubs in Las Vegas, toting a box of pink cupcakes. These pastries were an icebreaker and conversation starter when offered to entertainers. After being repeatedly referenced as “The Cupcake Girls” during a club visit, we adopted it as our organization’s formal name. Cupcakes continue to be a symbol for our organization, and they consistently have a presence during club and brothel visits, adult industry events, as well as at each of our fundraisers.


In order to best serve the varied needs of the adult entertainers we support, The Cupcake Girls offers a range of both in-house services that we feel we are uniquely able to provide, as well as referrals to external care providers when we've identified existing professionals and organizations that meet our high standards and have proven themselves trustworthy working with the adult entertainment community.

We partner with our clients to build comprehensive, holistic plans to help them pursue their goals and objectives, working to ensure that we're matching the right solutions to the right individual at the right time.


Career Coaching

Crisis & Emergency Care

Mentorship & Advocacy

Medical Care

Domestic Violence & Safe House Support

Tutoring & GED

Parent & Child