An Invitation to Change the World

My eyes are welling up with tears as I try to share what is weighing on my heart like a ton of bricks. There have been many moments over the past five years when this weight feels like more than I can bear. Many of you don’t really understand the value of what we do, and I know this because the same questions get blurted out every single time I share the message of The Cupcake Girls:
“You give cupcakes for strippers, sex workers, and porn stars? Why?”
“Certainly there must be better, more important, and more needy causes out there?”
I have to be honest with you – as I’ve started this nonprofit and experienced heartaches and setbacks, I’ve had some of the same questions. If I had known in the beginning how many lives we would be asked to support, and the situations we would encounter from giving out pink-frosted cupcakes, I would have run as far away as possible…
And then I would have come back to do it all over again.
In just the last few weeks, we have helped three clients struggling with unsafe housing and traumas.  We helped one woman and her children leave a domestic violence situation. We sat by another woman’s hospital bedside, who was on a 72 hour hold after calling the authorities on herself, because she felt suicide was her only option after her pimp beat her mercilessly. We began assisting a transgender client in need of harm reduction and safety, because we are the only organization willing to offer support. These cases are just a fraction of the support and resources we are offering to our 158 clients in Las Vegas and Portland.
Yes, you read that right: one hundred fifty eight people are being assisted by 6 part time staff members and 75 volunteers who selflessly give their time and expertise. We haven’t even scratched the surface; we get phone calls, emails, texts, and social media messages daily. We can’t keep up. That’s why we are asking you to “start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.”
If you knew that $10 per month could help make a difference in fighting sex trafficking, domestic violence, and human rights…would you give it?
If you knew that $100 a month could offer mother and infant care, assist with homelessness, and provide career and educational support…would you give it?
If you knew that $1,000 a month could provide life-changing health and wellness support, and parent and child reunification would you give it?
We’re not just a “cupcake organization that supports adult entertainers.” We are a sex trafficking organization, a human rights organization, a domestic violence organization, a homeless organization, a career and educational support organization, a parent and child reunification organization, a health and wellness organization, and so much more.
We can’t change the whole world, but together we can make an incredible impact. Will you join us?
With deepest gratitude,
Joy Hoover
President & Founder