Core Value #1 – Be Honest

As an organization, The Cupcake Girls operate under five core values: be honest, be humble, be progressive, be excellent, and love without agenda.
These values are things we strive for in our everyday interactions, and what we try to build our culture around (from staff to volunteers). Recently, we have come under some criticism in a few areas for not being what other people expect. Some people want us to be religious and operate as a ministry. Some people want us to be political and they become frustrated when we remain neutral. Some people want us to offer more resources than we are currently able to provide.
We take criticism seriously – we want to learn from it and use it to grow – and that leads to our first core value: be honest.
We have been honest in admitting that we don’t always do or say the right thing, but we are committed to learning. We have been honest in saying we are not a religious ministry and have no plans to be. We have been honest in saying we will remain politically neutral. We have been honest about what we do offer in resources and support to our clients. We have been honest about our mission, and that what we choose to do might differ from what others want us to do, but we won’t apologize for being who we are.
We’re a small nonprofit, but we’re growing. We have been able to do some incredible things in the community we serve. We will always strive to be honest about who we are, what we do, and where we are planning to go. We invite you to work toward accomplishing your own vision, whatever that may be. There is plenty of room at the table for anyone who wants to do good in this world. We will be the first ones to pull out a chair and welcome you into the arena.