Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This day of remembrance and awareness began in 2003, and The Cupcake Girls want to reaffirm our commitment and support to the sex work community. On Saturday, we will remember those who have lost their lives, or faced trauma at the hands of violent perpetrators. Every life lost, hurt, and threatened is valuable to us, and we stand in solidarity with organizations who are working to end these tragedies.
Some facts about violence about sex workers:
45-75% of sex workers globally will experience violent encounters
Statistics range from country to country, but 30-80% of these assaults are committed by police officers. This creates fear of reporting assaults of any kind to law enforcement because of deep levels of distrust and harm experienced by the sex work community
1 in 5 sexual assault charges filed in urban emergency rooms are filed by sex workers
The homicide rate for female sex workers is 204 per 100,000 according to a study conducted in 2004
Only 2 states provide protection to sex workers with rape shield laws. In other states, the sex work itself can be used as evidence against the victim’s character.
Some of the services we provide as part of our after-care include grief therapy, trauma therapy, and medical services. If you are a sex worker who has experienced violence, or if you are grieving the loss of a friend or loved one in the sex work community, we have resources for you. We see you, we hear you, we are here to help. Contact us in Portland at 503-358-0656 or Las Vegas 702-879-8195 or email us at so our case managers can assist you.
If you are one of our supporters, the money you give allows us to provide these vital services and make a difference. The holidays are a time of emotionally triggering time for many people. A gift during the holiday season allows us to focus our efforts even more during a fragile time for many of our clients. Thank you for helping us take a stand in preventing and providing care to those sex workers affected by these tragedies. DONATE TODAY.
There are also many events happening that you can participate in to show solidarity and support for this day. You can find a listing of events on