December 17th, is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

December 17th, is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Here at The Cupcake Girls, we work towards providing aftercare and support to people in the sex industry. We do this by offering our clients comprehensive resources to heal from the effects of being stigmatized and in some cases sex trafficked in our community. While working alongside our clients and getting to hear their stories, we are constantly reminded of the harsh stigma and discrimination sex workers have to endure in their everyday lives. The Cupcake Girls is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to strive to be that vital safe place that our clients are searching for to feel accepted, loved and cared for by our community.

On this very important day, we invite you, our followers, our donors, our tribe, to join us in this mission and showing your love and support to our clients by raising awareness but most importantly by taking action!

Other organizations in our community, who understand and believe in our mission, like Mondays Dark, have shown their support by helping The Cupcake Girls achieve their goals.

Tomorrow, on December 18th, Mondays Dark founder Mark Shunock, is hosting The Cupcake Girls and 43 other local charities to celebrate its 4th Year Anniversary! This is the largest show of the year and 100% of the proceeds of tickets sold by The Cupcake Girls is donated to us!

Shunock, as a verteren Las Vegas entertainer, founded Mondays Dark with the sole purpose to create a place where Vegas performers could give back to their local community with an amazing $20 show!

Take action in helping The Cupcake Girls by coming to celebrate us tomorrow night at The Joint in The Hard Rock Hotel. This will be a night filled with entertainment for an AMAZING cause!

To purchase tickets please contact Kayla Headley at

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