Direct Care – What it Means

People often wonder what we do as “cupcake girls” and how we assist those in the adult entertainment industry. As the Chief of Direct care, I oversee 4-5 teams of volunteers who work directly with our clients in the Las Vegas community.

What does that look like in the day-to-day?

I get to the office and answer emails that have come through our website from clients looking for support and services. Several emails each day are resource-related, meaning clients are looking for doctors, lawyers, and (especially right now) tax accountants. For many people, these resources are simple to find through employee benefits and HR departments, but adult entertainers don’t have those options. They are independent contractors who have to provide for themselves and may not have insurance at all, or know how to use the insurance they’ve purchased. Many clients will make appointments to see me and talk about all of their resource needs, so I can address more than one need at a time.

Some clients reach out for support because they are going through something difficult, or because they don’t have anyone to talk to at all. Some don’t feel comfortable talking to their family and getting support from them, because they haven’t disclosed that they work in the adult industry. After we talk for a while and I see what the nature of the problem is, I assign them a case worker. The case worker calls, texts, emails, or meets with the client every week to check in and see how they are doing. We ask,

Do you need anything?

Do you want to meet?

Do you need a service?

Or we just talk…life is tough. Sometimes we need to connect with another human who cares that we exist and doesn’t want anything from us.

We keep connecting with our clients as long as they need or want us to. We encourage them to use our services and community resources to help them do the things they want to do, like using our financial advisers to save more money, or using our medical resources to get that nagging back pain checked out, because it’s been too long.

I connect with all the volunteers that go to the brothels and clubs as well. We plan meetings to address issues that could come up so we can be educated as a group about working in the human services field. There is also a “Cupcake Care” team that is specifically for taking care of our volunteers and preventing burn out and offering support. We NEED our volunteers to feel loved and supported in their lives so they can give their time and energy to our clients. That’s the heart of what we do…we love and support each other, whether client or volunteer.

Peace, love, & cupcakes,