Domestic Violence Awareness Day – October 20th

Domestic violence is pervasive and insidious in our society. While typically associated with physical violence (and statistics show that 15% of all violent crime is domestic violence), this abuse can come in other forms, including psychological, sexual, and financial abuse.
Psychological abuse involves trauma to the victim caused by verbal abuse, acts, threats of acts, or coercive tactics. (1)
Perpetrators who are physically violent toward their intimate partners are often sexually abusive as well. Victims who are both physically and sexually abused are more likely to be injured or killed than victims who experience one form of abuse. (2)
Financial abuse limits access to shared or individual assets or limits the current or future earning potential of the victim as a strategy of power and control. (3)
Domestic violence is not limited to these areas, and The Cupcake Girls stand in solidarity with other organizations to fight against all forms of domestic abuse. We work with passion and commitment to help prevent domestic violence and provide needed aftercare for our clients and their children who are affected by these traumatic incidents. So far in 2016, we have given 158 referrals for domestic violence shelters and related support care. Often, domestic violence is tangled up with domestic sex trafficking in our client population.
We’re not just an organization for people in the adult industry – we are supporting their families and providing relief to so many who are experiencing unimaginable violence, trauma, and grief. Help us continue to do this work in two easy steps:

Share this blog and let people know about the work we do, and the 158 referrals we have given this year alone.

We exist because of generous donors like you. You are literally saving lives.

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