Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Human trafficking is defined as “modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.” (1) While human trafficking can encompass many things, we want to share some statistics for domestic sex trafficking (2):

244,000 – the number of children estimated to be at risk for sexual exploitation
100,000 – the estimated number of youth being prostituted in the United States
400 – the number of adolescents working the streets of Las Vegas in just one month
13 – the average age of a child to be pulled into sex trafficking
1 in 3  – the ratio of child to adult trafficking victims.

Statistics on adult sex trafficking in the United States are not well-documented because so many cases are never reported, and the activities themselves are so covert. Las Vegas in particular is a hub for sex trafficking due to hyper-sexualized entertainment, 24 hour gambling, and easy access to drugs and alcohol. (3) Sex traffickers bring their victims to Las Vegas from all around the United States and globally.

While there are many organizations fighting sex trafficking – through raising awareness, catching traffickers, and freeing victims – not many organizations are doing the essential work of providing aftercare. At The Cupcake Girls, we have found that roughly 60% of our clients are survivors of domestic sex trafficking. Because of our focus on intensive case management and aftercare, our clients are able to pursue healing through holistic resources.

Sex trafficking victims and survivors find us through many channels, including our largest event of the year – our AVN Relaxation Suite. Last year a young woman came into our suite who was actively being trafficked. We were able to offer a safe and secure place for her to rest for a few hours, and then connect her with friends who could get her to a safe location. Although we offered all of our services, she was not yet in a place to accept them.

There are many ways to be aware of help fight against trafficking on all of it’s forms.

  1. Learn more about the signs of trafficking here.

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  3. Donate to help us continue to provide holistic resources, intensive case management, and aftercare.