It’s a Cupcake Bake Cupcake World

I joined the Cupcake Girls Portland team a year and half ago not only because I believed in the work that this organization is committed to, but also to meet others who were passionate about loving and respecting people unconditionally. In short, I joined because I believe in the power and importance of relationships, relationships with clients and relationships amongst our volunteers.

As an organization, building relationships is at the heart of what we do. I, personally, have the privilege of working with my team to provide cupcakes to our clubs every month. Each cupcake we deliver is an opportunity for a relationship to develop and grow, a conversation to start.  In addition, my team gets the chance to build relationships with each other. As a director, this aspect is very important to me. I want volunteers to enjoy being a part of our organization, to know that they are needed and appreciated, to feel a sense of community and belonging. On the hospitality team, one of the ways we have been spending time together is by frosting all of our cupcakes that will be delivered to the clubs as a group. It has been such a fun way to not only be productive but also to get to know one another better. I love knowing that each cupcake is made in an atmosphere of support and friendship.

I believe that it is so important for a team to have internally what it strives to accomplish externally. At the Cupcake Girls, we provide many ways in which volunteers can build relationships with each other while also working on important tasks that will in turn allow us to build relationships with clients. The more we support each other and grow as a team, the more we will be better equipped to serve and support our clients. If you would like to be a part of a fun, loving community, please consider volunteering with us!
Peace, Love and Cupcakes,
Amy H.