It’s our 4th birthday … and the cupcakes are for you!

Four years after formally launching The Cupcake Girls, I find myself sincerely humbled and blown away by what we’ve been able to accomplish together.  It’s so much more than I ever could have dreamed of and gives me so much hope for the journey that lies ahead.

We’re very proud of the numbers — the $380,000+ dollars raised, 200+ volunteers joined, and 75+ community partners engaged — because what it all supports is our mission to provide respect, resources and relationships to those in the adult entertainment industry.  But why does it matter?  There is no one better equipped to tell you how big of a difference our mission is making than the entertainers themselves.

 Meet Ela…


 Meet Melissa…

 …and meet The Cupcake Girls in this special from KVVU Fox 5 Las Vegas (click here to view)


 How do we help adult entertainers?  In our first four years, we have provided:

  • 1,076 meetings for peer support

  • 142 professional sessions with doctors, dentists, and lawyers

  • 83 instances of providing mental health assistance-including therapy through community partners or facilitating drug and alcohol dependence assistance

  • 55 resume building and career development sessions

  • 53 bills paid and/or care packages given

  • 37 new parent and family resources

  • 36 financial advisory sessions

  • 25 new housing and moving support

  • 1 self-defense class

It is with tremendous gratitude that we extend our thanks to 1,300+ individual donors, 200+ volunteers and 75+ community partners for empowering us to serve this community so far.  With continued financial and volunteers support, we look forward to giving even more back in the year ahead.

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Peace, love and cupcakes,

Joy Hoover

President & Founder, The Cupcake Girls