My Portland Summer

This summer I got the privilege of interning with The Cupcake Girls Portland. I had been volunteering with them for about six months prior to my internship, so I really felt like I had a little bit of an understanding of how the organization worked, what their goals were and I was excited to see what this summer had to offer. I was hired on their team as the Chief of Community Development, which meant I saw over Donor Relations, Community Relations, Fundraising and PR/Marketing. In the beginning, Amy, the Portland City Director made it very clear that my internship was not going to be about making copies and fetching coffee. She planned on truly challenging me in this leadership position with her guidance along the way.
Throughout the summer I had a hand in planning the Donor Appreciation event, Wellness Day and the Radio Room fundraiser. I also edited/posted all the Portland blogs, post on the social media pages and research ways to get our name out to the community even more. For the donor event, I helped with inviting every single person who had ever donated to us, plan the order of events, help set up and even figure out the food. For Wellness Day, I was in charge of contacting local spa and wellness professionals who would be willing to donate their time and skills for our event, as well as trying to get raffle items and food donated. The Radio Room fundraiser was basically my baby for the summer, as I was fully in charge of it. I met with the owner, got the raffle prizes donated and helped reach out for the alcohol donations. From the fundraiser we ended up making $385 from the raffle and $182 from the percentage of sales. All in all, it was a successful event not just because we raised funds but we also got to market our name out there to the different people who came through the restaurant that night.
This internship was amazing, challenging, stretching, and even stressful at times, but truly taught me so much. Thank you so much to the Cupcake Girls staff that guided me and believed in me along the way. It really gave me a taste of the real world after college and I am so excited to start making a difference in the world. If you’re looking for an awesome organization to intern with, I highly suggest The Cupcake Girls. I knew I couldn’t leave The Cupcake Girls after my internship was over, so I got to stay as their Director of PR/Marketing and I couldn’t be more excited to continue this journey with a nonprofit that is so dear to my heart.
Lisa Ross
PR/Marketing Director – Portland