New Year’s Resolutions

We are a few days into 2015 and the topic of the hour is probably those pesky New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe you haven’t made any yet or maybe you’ve already broken some of yours. The wonderful thing about goals is that you can set them at any time and decide to keep trying tomorrow no matter what setback comes your way. We all need goals to stay motivated and measure our successes (our directors set goals every month!). The Cupcake Girls offer respect, resources, and relationships to adult entertainers in Portland and Las Vegas through every season and situation.  We want to hear about your resolutions for the coming year and how we can work together to achieve those goals.


We respect the choices and identities of our clients. We would never ask anyone to change who they are or what they do in order to conform to a specific agenda or image. Normally resolutions are something people choose for themselves because of an internal desire to change. Perhaps you don’t have that right now or maybe you need time to reflect and think about what in your life you’re interested in improving.  According to this article some of the most commonly made and broken resolutions have to do with diet, exercise, health (quitting smoking or drinking), finances, spending time with family, or self-improvement (like traveling, volunteering, or learning something new). If you find yourself in the position of having a certain goal in mind and would like assistance in its achievement, please let us know! We’ll respect your wishes and will offer support if needed.

The next component we offer is resources. As the Cupcake Girls Portland Resource Director, my team and I research and make connections with other non-profits, agencies, programs, and private individuals who want to donate their time and/or skills. Whatever your resolution or goal is, we probably have a resource to help. If your objective is to learn to budget or how to file taxes we have connections on hand to support that ambition.  If you’d like to consult a counselor for any reason, we have those connections as well. We partner with Dress for Success, a great resource if you’re looking to change career paths or employment situation. We can help you find a nutritionist, an inexpensive gym, and a tutor, sign up for college classes, or learn to drive. The sky is the limit.

Last of all and maybe most importantly, The Cupcake Girls offer relationships to those who may need additional support and/or a listening ear. These relationships can conform to the needs of the individual, whether you’re seeking an ongoing mentorship or simply an acquaintance who can assist during a one-time need.  According to this list by the American Psychological Association, two of the best ways to make your resolutions stick are to discuss these goals with others and ask for support. We are here for you if that is something you need.

If you’re not involved in the adult entertainment industry but have resolutions of your own, we can assist you as well!  The Cupcake Girls have a variety of volunteer positions available and could be a wonderful fit if you’re looking to expand your community volunteering.  If you hope to increase your charitable giving or want to begin donating to a non-profit, we are incredibly thankful for our generous donors who help us continue our work.  Perhaps you’re looking to meet new people and/or want to achieve a physical goal.  If that’s you, we are currently looking for runners to be involved in the Sweet Run 2015 race on May 17th. Trust me when I say that training for a half marathon is a surprisingly attainable fitness goal if you start early enough. Sign up sooner rather than later!

We’d love to hear about your dreams for 2015 and how we might support you as you make them a reality!  You can comment here or on our social media pages.  You can also email us to chat more about it at

Peace, Love & Cupcakes,


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