Our Goals & Dreams Start Here

This past Wednesday, July 15th, the Portland team hosted our first ever donor event. We invited anyone and everyone who has ever donated to The Cupcake Girls in the Oregon/Washington area. We we’re so excited to finally show off our brand new office space and share our dreams and goals for the future with the people who brought us this far.

The night began with mingling over food and drinks, and was followed by a guided office tour. We loved being able to show off our new space to the people who pay for us to be here. What’s special about our shared office space is that we can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are private conference rooms where we can have private staff, volunteer or client meetings. Downstairs we also have access to showers in a locker room where we have used in emergency client situations.
Our Portland City Director then took the floor to not only share our Portland accomplishments, goals and dreams but also those of our organization as a whole.
Just this year our Portland branch has had:
• 167 meetings for peer support
• 29 professional sessions with doctors, dentists, and lawyers
• 11 instances of providing mental health assistance -including therapy offereed through partners or facilitating drug and alcohol dependence assistance
• 13 resume building and career development sessions
• 23 bills paid and/or care packages given
• 32 new parent and family resources
• 5 financial advisory sessions
• 6 instances for new housing and moving support
Some of the goals and dreams for our Portland branch are being able to have full time staff, a safe house, and a day program for clients that want a more systematic approach. We dream of having our own resource center equipped with all of our community partners and resources in one space. Currently we are renting a shared office space, which has a lot of accessible functions for us, but down the road, we would love to have our own private center.
If you talk to any Cupcake Girl, you might hear us mention that we want a safe house. We don’t just want a safe house we need one. We have had countless situations where owning a safe house would have been needed.
We currently have a client with five children that have been living in a motel for over a year. We have provided her with nearly every diaper her children have ever worn. If we had a safe house we would be able to give her the time to look for work, provide for her children, and save for her own place.
We consistently have intense client needs we are unable to meet because of the lack of financial resources. We wouldn’t be launching this July 100 campaign if we had enough finances to reach our goals.

On behalf of everyone here at The Cupcake Girls, we want to thank all the people who have believed in the work we do and have partnered along side us financially to see our vision come to life. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you and we won’t be able to continue reaching great heights without you.
Will you consider becoming a monthly financial partner?
Lisa Ross
Chief of Community Development – Intern
Portland Chapter