Our Integrity is Not for Sale

In February 2011, The Cupcake Girls incorporated as an official nonreligious nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide respect, resources and relationships to anyone working in the adult entertainment industry. Our systems, teams, and standards of excellence have evolved enormously over the past 4 years, but our heart has remained the same.

  • Love and support with no conditions

  • No hidden agenda of converting people

  • No desire to pull people out of the sex industry

  • No goals of shutting down strip clubs or porn agencies

We are simply here to provide resources to individuals in the sex industry who are in need of support. And to do this, we need your support, too.

We specifically chose to become an organization with no religious affiliation so that we could connect with and support every person we came in contact with from every background, without them questioning our motives. My husband’s and my personal faith was absolutely at the heart of our desire to start The Cupcake Girls, and remains at the core of the work we do, about which we have always been 100% transparent. That said, although some people disagree, we sincerely believe we can live out our faith through action as founders of a non-religious organization.

Because of our non-judgmental efforts to provide resources to individuals in the sex industry who are in need of support, The Cupcake Girls have attracted donors, volunteers and clients alike of all faiths and no faith, of all backgrounds, of all ages, and of all beliefs, and feel privileged to be serving in this capacity. On occasion, however, we lose funding from a former supporter who believes more contingencies should be put on our kindness; I am sorry to share that this week we lost a donor who had given $200/month for several years for this very reason.

We are very grateful for what this group has contributed to our work, but The Cupcake Girls will not compromise on our mission for the sake of funding; our integrity and the relationships we have in the community are all built on this foundation and it will not waiver.

Why did we incorporate as a non-religious 501(c)3 instead of a religious nonprofit in the first place, since we knew this may deter potential donors? Because there are hundreds of thousands of people working in the adult industry and there is very little, if any, support without agenda, and there are just as many needs not being met. We have 65 current clients who have needs that range from dental, medical, addiction, therapy, mentorship, educational support, career support, child care and child education, intense trauma recovery, legal support, domestic violence resources, and only when requested, religious support for those of all faiths and no faith.

How did we find out about these needs? By building relationships through cupcake deliveries every single month in the same strip clubs, brothels, and adult industry events, but never once by asking about religious convictions. During those visits, you will NEVER hear us say, “Jesus loves you and wants you to leave the industry!” or “Here’s a cupcake, please stop sinning.” What you will hear us say are things like, “How’s your night going? Can we put some complimentary lashes on you?” “How is your baby doing? How old is he now?” “If you need anything, give us a call!” And do you know what some of our responses are? Needs. We hear about needs that are not being met. So many needs in fact, that our 4 staff members, 150+ volunteers, 75+ community partners, and 1,300+ donors can’t keep up with those needs. We have a very small budget that goes a really long way, and every single dollar counts.

Here is another thing we understand. We are serving a population of people that often times society doesn’t quite understand, agree with, or support. This population is marginalized and stigmatized because of their careers, without the understanding that adult entertainers are human beings with real lives, real families, real struggles, real talents, and the list could go on.

You may not understand the adult industry, or agree with our approach to support those in it, but are you willing to try? Are you willing to support a mom and her baby? A student? A woman who is being sex trafficked? Are you willing to support a human being in need of support? And are you willing to do it through respect, resources and relationships?

If so, then we invite you to help us serve those in need. Help us make up the $200 a month donation we lost this week, and help us reach our $300,000 goal for 2015, by contributing whatever amount large or small that you can. We are men and women of all faiths and no faiths, of all backgrounds, of all ages, and of all beliefs. We feel privileged to be serving in this capacity and we would be honored if you would join us.

Peace, Love & Cupcakes,

Joy Hoover

Founder & President

The Cupcake Girls