Our Relationship Mission

I have been volunteering with The Cupcake Girls PDX since June of 2012. I heard about the organization through friends. My friends told me they were looking for spa professionals to help with an event, which is right up my ally. So I looked up The Cupcake Girls online, immediately filled out an application and waited to attend an orientation.
At the orientation, I decided what teams I would like to volunteer on, Direct Care and Special events. I then found out I would not be able to do direct care until after a 90 trial period and more training. Fast forward to November, after months of attending meetings and working multiple events, I got to do my direct care training. December comes and I get to visit my first strip club. We did makeup, hair and handed out Christmas gifts.
Throughout the time I’ve been volunteering, I have been able to be a part of so many amazing things. Whether it be going to clubs, flying to Vegas to help with AVN, making thousands of gifts for clients and volunteers, or setting up for events like It’s a Cupcake Christmas and Wellness Day, it has all been such a great experience.
It wasn’t long before I knew this organization was where I belonged. I have been able to live out my passions and work towards common goals with amazing people along the way. Something special about our volunteers and staff is they genuinely care. They care about the clients but they also care about each other.
A piece of our mission statement talks about the importance of relationships:
“At The Cupcake Girls, we make a concerted effort to build a relationship with each and every individual we meet. We recognize that all relationships are founded upon trust, and we strive to allow relationships to build organically, following the lead of each individual.”
The Cupcake Girls don’t just exhibit this mission when it comes to clients, but with their volunteers as well. And that is just another reason why I love being a part of this organization so much.
Alyssa Underwood
Gifts Specialist
Portland Branch