Preparing for the AVN Awards

Our motto at The Cupcake Girls is “Respect, Resources, and Relationships.” Because we always strive to provide our clients with the very best we have to offer, we make training volunteers and staff a high priority.


For the past two weeks, Cupcake Girls Las Vegas has been busy preparing for our biggest event of the year – a relaxation suite at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for the annual AVN awards.  To make this event a success, it takes an army of volunteers, as well as spa & beauty professionals who are willing to donate their time and talents.  To be fully prepared, we have held three recent training sessions: one for new volunteers, one for volunteers moving into more active roles within our organization, and a training session for our beauty professionals specific to our suite at AVN. 


In total, we have trained 30 new volunteers, 15 beauty professionals, and 26 of our regular volunteers have taken a more direct care role. We feel confident that we are moving into 2015 with the skills, confidence, and professionalism that will take us to the next level.

All of this hard work is already paying off as we assemble 500 gifts, mail out packets of information, and recruit even more volunteers. We are still looking for a few more beauty professionals for the relaxation suite, so if you have skills with a curling iron and lashes, we need you!

Peace, love, & cupcakes,