Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can

Pledge your support during our July donor campaign
Start Where You Are
Since our founding in 2011, and 501(c)(3) designation in 2014, The Cupcake Girls have been providing respect, resources, and relationships to those working in the adult entertainment industry. Our humble beginnings and limited resources have never limited our hearts that are drawn to serve, nor our creativity in using limited funding to provide the best possible care to our clients and community.
Use What You Have
Our donors have always been the backbone of our organization and allow us to provide services including medical, dental, mental health care, educational assistance, career planning, and domestic violence and sex trafficking support. We count over 150 entertainers amongst our client community and are eager to make an even bigger impact in the year ahead.
Do What You Can
While one-time and repeat donors have helped us do amazing, life-changing work, recurring monthly donations provide The Cupcake Girls with an invaluable resource — a regular, stable source of funding to support both our daily operations, and the development of future projects and programs.
Take Action Now
For the month of July, we are challenging new and current donors alike to become one of our “July 100,” and support The Cupcake Girls with a recurring monthly contribution. Our dreams are big and we need big support from people like you to make them happen.
The work we do matters. If you agree, join us.
Where can you start?
What can you use?
What are you willing to do to help the mission of The Cupcake Girls?
Help us change the world, one cupcake at a time.
My sincerest gratitude,
Joy Hoover
President & Founder
The Cupcake Girls