Summer Self-Care & Wellness Day

For some people, summer is the time for beach vacations, sightseeing, swimming, and BBQs. For others, however, the summer can be a stressful time – kids are home from school and it’s challenging to find events to keep them busy and happy for 3 months. Work can be slow for many industries in the summer months, and the heat itself can be dangerous and stressful for everyone.
We rarely make time for self-care in our busy lives, but it’s truly essential for having a full and well-rounded life. In the event that you are a primary caregiver (especially to children or elderly adults), if you aren’t taking care of your own needs, you have nothing left to provide to others. It’s essential to work on your own self-care to stay healthy, happy, and balanced.
As we all strive to achieve holistic balance in our lives, The Cupcake Girls are providing a “Wellness Day” to our clients to help adult entertainers who are interested in learning methods of self-care as part of a balanced and holistic lifestyle. This year we are focusing on mindfulness, balance, and nourishing ourselves in order to have the energy we need to give to others.
For the first time, we are having Wellness Day in both cities on the same day to coordinate efforts for the clients we work with and we could not be more excited!
We wanted to feature some of the areas we will be focusing on at Wellness Day, and promote our partners who are joining us for this event. We are honored to work with such amazing, generous, and kind people!
Practicing yoga is one way to care for yourself daily to achieve better physical and mental health. Nichola Burnett operates Back to Balance, a holistic wellness practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she has been a yoga instructor for 12 years. Nichola will be providing her services at Wellness day in Las Vegas. Carrie Wilson is a yoga instructor at The Yoga Space in Portland, OR. Carrie and the Yoga Space are an alignment based yoga studio in Portland, OR committed to pursuing the true essence of yoga.
Essential oils are an up-and-coming wellness method and form of self-care. Tara Rayburn is an author and speaker whose passion and purpose is sharing uplifting habits for the mind, body, and soul. Her essential oil classes are an experience to be remembered and applicable to all walks of life. Tara’s information can be obtained at  Janessa Greene will be attending our Portland Wellness day with DoTerra products to increase our clients’ knowledge about essential oils and ways to use them to restore and renew ourselves in our daily lives.
Massage is a way to engage in self-care that is relaxing and therapeutic at the same time. Removing tension and stress from the body helps us to function better and feel ready to face the demands of daily life. Several massage therapists will be in both cities to provide and promote the benefits of massage for our clients.

Becky Carrillo is a self-employed massage therapist who has been working in her field for 13 years, sharing her gift of massage to others. Naomi Joy, who works for Discover Massage Therapy and is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki master. She uses Reiki to help increase energy, improve focus and aid in restoring balance to the mind-body connection. Naomi’s information is available at Lofgreen is a licensed massage therapist who owns and operates The Mountain Top Wellness Center which was created to “provide services to all types of people from all walks of life to aide them in achieving personal wholeness while supporting them to fell respected, uplifted and complemented through the course of healing body, mind and soul.” Paul’s information can be attained at Campbell is the owner and operator of Portland Massage Studio and specializes in “offering our Portland community high-quality massage and acupuncture services, that are uniquely designed for you, all in a peaceful atmosphere to promote optimal health and well-being.” Julie’s information is can be found at
Facials provide a unique therapeutic experience for clients because they focus on massaging and working with the face for relaxation and improved appearance, as well as stress reduction.

Maria from Pure Liquid Skin Studio will be performing facials for the Las Vegas Wellness Day. Maria is dedicated to the finest in skin care education and treatment for men, women and teens. Her information is available at Brenda Navarro will also be providing facials in the Las Vegas office where she has been an esthetician since 2004 at many day spas and resorts. Brenda dedicates her time to serving the community and sharing her skills that she learned over time.
In addition to these incredible services, we will have a smoothie bar and healthy snacks to incorporate nutrition and the importance of healthy food as fuel to carry us through the day.

There are many other ways to engage in self-care during the summer or any time. Find something you enjoy and spend time engaging in activities that fill you up, remove stress, and help you refocus. Look for ways to care for yourself and you can be more engaged in handling the stressors in your own life, and help love and care for others.
If you are an adult entertainer in the Las Vegas, NV or Portland, OR areas and would like to attend Wellness Day on July 17th, please email us at or call 503.886.9599 in Portland or 702.879-8195 for Las Vegas. We can’t wait to share this day and these services with you!