The Privilege is Mine

I wear a lot of hats as a Cupcake Girls volunteer, but if I am honest, my favorite role is being a part of the direct care team. I visit clubs once a month and I also have clients that I personally make contact with to see how we can meet their needs as an organization.
A few weeks ago, we took 300 gifts, flowers, and cupcakes to the clubs for Easter. Sometimes club visits don’t leave us with much time for deep connections, but we never know what might happen when we walk in with a cupcake, a hello, and a warm smile. There are moments, however, when we do make a connection with an entertainer and they become a client. At the very least, they know we can help support them.
We had two meaningful connections happen that night: in one of our clubs, as we passed out the gifts and said hello to the entertainers, one woman broke down in tears because she had been going through some personal struggles, and mentioned feeling especially alone that day. We came in at just the right moment and were able to lift her spirits with a simple act of love. We hugged her and talked with her for several minutes, letting her know that when she is ready, we will be there to support her with whatever she needs. We had a similar reaction in the next club we visited. My heart was so full.
I went home that night and I couldn’t stop thinking about those two women. What we do is important to the community we serve.  I keep going each month because I never know who I might encounter who needs a word of encouragement. I never know who might need a doctor…a dentist…a lawyer…or just support.
I hope those women we met do connect with us when they are ready. I hope they know we will be there to support their needs and their dreams. Our job is to find out what they need and do our best to make it happen. For me, it’s a privilege and an honor.
Peace, love, & cupcakes,