We Love Our Donors

Confession: I love my position as the Donor Relations Director and the many aspects of what this role entails.  Getting to tell the amazing stories of The Cupcake Girls’ work, my ability to connect with individuals who share my passions, and having the privilege to see people make an immediate impact in the Portland community.

I’m constantly researching and looking for new ways for our donors to make connections with our clients, which is difficult because there are many sensitive situations.  There’s an event coming up that will be one of the first opportunities for donors and the community at large to hear first-hand how their dollars are making a difference, so please watch for more information on that!

But that’s not the story I want to tell. In the new donor survey, there is a section where donors can tell this organization what they’re most interested in hearing about and receiving updates on.  One of those sections is for immediate needs entertainers might have.  A couple of weeks ago, I learned of an entertainer who works on weekends at the clubs and works during the week as a caregiver. Though she had the education to support her career as a caregiver, she was missing an essential license that would allow her income to increase and her resume to grow.

She tried to take the exam in the past, but forgot her ID and was turned away with no refund, and without additional funds to cover another exam fee. I sent an e-mail to the donors who had marked that immediate needs box, asking if they could cover a portion of the $106 exam fee.  Within 48 hours, our fantastic donors had covered the fee, and now this woman will be able to take and hopefully pass the exam (cross your fingers for her!). These are the stories I love, of people who care so much that they go above and beyond to make things happen for these entertainers.

If you haven’t yet received the donor survey and would like to, or would just like to be added to the immediate needs mailing list, please email me at kaitlyn.winn@thecupcakegirls.org.

 Peace, Love & Cupcakes,