We Thrive on Diversity

Last month I had the great pleasure of joining our other Portland staff and directors, along with our awesome founder, on a retreat. As volunteers who give over 40 hours a month to The Cupcake Girls we so appreciate the annual weekend of bonding with each other and taking a quick break from our hectic lives. I had too many favorite parts to pick just one, but there is one I wanted to share. One of our Portland volunteers is a high school guidance counselor and she was able to come out to share a training all about the Enneagram with our group. We learned about our own personalities, how each person reacts to stress, and the best way to interact with each other, while k​eeping our newfound knowledge in mind.
Later that day we had a meeting to reflect on the past year and this training took it to a whole new level. We were able to affirm each other and offer critiques in much more meaningful ways after learning more about both ourselves and one another. One interesting thing we noticed is that our director team reflects almost the full spectrum of personality types, which makes sense since each of our teams are unique. For example, I am our Office Manager and I love to get things done as well as help others to be more efficient. Our City Director is a Protector and will fight for our organization and our clients. Our Marketing Director and Hospitality Director both love to try new things.
One of the questions on our application that every volunteer is asked has to do with their personality type. There are hundreds of different tests and quizzes to measure the aspects of each unique individual so that a label can be applied. Some people feel like these tests “put them in a box.” As a non-judgemental organization we avoid using the personality information to judge our volunteers. Rather, it gives our directors and volunteer coordinator a good idea of what sort of teams or tasks may fit best with their style in general. Some volunteers are introverted and like to be in the background of the work we do. Some are extroverted and love talking to strangers or potential clients about who we are at events or our monthly club nights. Our organization needs and thrives on a spectrum of personality types to truly reach our goals.

Something I’ve learned while volunteering here is how The Cupcake Girls actually has a role for people of every background, interest, hobby, skill, or personality. I hope to see some new faces at one of our Meet and Greet events so I can tell you more about all of our various teams and how we can help you find your best fit as a volunteer with our organization. If you’re already a volunteer and feel out of the loop let’s dig into what makes you come alive and how your wonderfully unique personality can best be put to use. A diverse group of volunteers is what The Cupcake Girls has to have to continue growing and improving. Come show us what you’ve got!
If you don’t know your own personality type and are now curious I encourage you to try out the Enneagram here: http://www.enneagramquiz.com/quiz.html
Melissa Blount
Office Manager
Portland Chapter