Wellness Day 2015

This past Sunday the Portland branch had the opportunity to host a Wellness Day Event for local adult entertainers. You may have noticed that in previous years we have done a Spa Day, but this year we decided to go in a little bit of a different direction. Our vision for the event was not only for our clients to have a day of relaxation but for them to also be able to continue practicing what they learned at the event in their everyday lives. As a staff, we value how important self-care is and that was our inspiration for this event. I believe the majority of us can sometimes forget about self-care, so I think this event was eye opening for not only our clients but also our staff and volunteers as well.

A wide variety of local professionals graciously lent their expertise for our event. We had a massage therapist, two professionals giving facials, two yoga instructors showing positions that can easily be done at home, a nutritionist, mindful breathing exercises facilitated by a licensed therapist, and a representative from Doterra who explained the benefits of using essential oils.  We wanted to involve services that not only were beneficial for your body, but mind as well.
We decorated our space with string lights, draped curtains and had diffusers going throughout the room. Although it was challenging to turn an office space into a place of relaxation, the space ended up feeling as serene as we had envisioned. I only wish we could have the office space like that all the time! It was a huge compliment when all of the professionals commented on how relaxing the space felt.  We were all so proud of how everything came together.

We had a chance to chat with the clients who attended and many expressed that the services we provided were exactly what they needed. We made some great connections and even had some people contact us for counseling resources.  Our Gifts Team sent the clients home with totes filled with facial toner, notebooks to encourage positive journaling, a printout of yoga positions, and aromatherapy candles. Local Businesses also donated massage and acupuncture gift cards, essential oils kits, waxing packages and much more that we we’re able to raffle off to different clients throughout the day. Our Hospitality Team reached out to local farms at the Portland Farmers Market and received fresh fruits and vegetables, in which they used to prepare a smoothie bar and accompanied with numerous healthy snacks.

I am honestly at a loss for words for how much I loved our event. We are so thankful for every single community partner who donated his or her time, skills, gifts and food. We feel so encouraged by the community of Portland that constantly stands behind us and helps our dreams come to life. Our volunteers also went above and beyond with the amount of time they spent helping with the planning, preparing and execution of this event. I am so thankful I had all that help because I know I could not have done it alone. I am so excited to do this again next year and hope we can even have mini wellness days throughout the year. I lastly wanted to give a special thank you to Lisa, our Portland intern; she totally kicked butt and helped me so much! I am going to be so lonely working in the office without her and I can’t believe her internship ends next week. I have enjoyed working along side her so much!
Esti Murzea
Chief of Direct Care