What in the world is "Cupcake Academy"?

One of our core values is to be progressive. We always want to grow as an organization and develop better skills to assist the adult entertainment community. We want to provide our clients with all the tools they need to live healthy, inspired lives.
A few months ago, we asked some of our clients what kinds of resources we could provide that they would find useful. When we gathered the results, the overwhelming choice was monthly classes to provide education on a variety of topics.
With this new feedback, we launched a new component of our Direct Care services for clients – monthly enrichment classes, with topics that the clients choose. We call it “Cupcake Academy.” You might have seen us promoting it on social media, but what does it mean?
Each class is held on the last Sunday of the month, and the topics vary, but all of the topics are themes that our clients have suggested. Like everything we do, we offer support and assistance, but we never presume to tell our clients what they need.
We launched the first class with makeup tips taught by Miguel Julio Beauty. We followed that up with a two-part class on healthy boundaries taught by MFT-intern Courtney Dandy of The Healthy Foundations Center. This month, the Cupcake Academy class will be on healthy habits with essential oils. We have classes already scheduled for the remainder of the summer and we are busy planning for the fall.

This is one small way that we support and affirm the needs and goals of our clients. As we grow, we hope to expand the idea of Cupcake Academy into a full resource center with classes being offered all week long. We have big dreams and plans for the future and we are excited to bring them to fruition. As always, we can’t do it alone. We value the support of every single volunteer and donor. We can’t do any of this without you!
If you have a skill set that would be a valuable asset to our Cupcake Academy classes, please contact us!
Peace, love, & cupcakes,