"Why Strippers?"

We get asked this question at almost every event we attend, at least once, but usually several times. It’s a common question, especially in a society that both objectifies and diminishes women.
So…why “strippers”?
First of all, we don’t really love that word, so you will never hear any Cupcake Girls using it, and we actually work with clients in all aspects of the adult entertainment industry, including people who work at strip clubs, all types of sex workers, and people in the adult film industry. The majority of our clients are women, but we are available and willing to help men & LGBTQ people who work in the adult industry. We happen to believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and that everyone deserves a safe place to get support when it’s needed. Our tag line is “Respect, Resources, Relationships,” because we always strive to provide that to our clients.

Almost all adult entertainers are independent contractors without access to benefits that most employees take for granted, and there is a stigma attached to people who do sex work, even though it’s one of the largest industries in the United States. So while our society is happy to accept the services provided, they treat the ones providing the services negatively.
We assist our clients with living their best possible lives, and being the healthiest versions of themselves. This looks different for every single client. Some are suffering with medical and dental problems, but have no insurance. We fill a need by connecting them with free or low-cost services. Others need therapy and peer support, so we offer that in weekly peer-to-peer support groups, facilitated by a licensed therapist, and one-on-one sessions when needed.
Some clients come to us for help getting into treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, so we connect them with the appropriate services. Others want to transition out of the industry, but don’t know how, or lack the career skills, so we connect them with tutors, resume writers, and sometimes job opportunities.
And some of our clients are being, or have been, sex trafficked, which means they have been forced into doing sex work, rather than choosing it for themselves. We have helped those clients get physically safe, and then worked with them through consistent caring, support, and resources (including intense trauma therapy) to become safe and healthy in all areas of their lives.
What we never do is “rescue” people from the industry. We believe everyone should make their own choices about the work they do, and we respect that. We know that some of our clients love it, and we have no judgement about that, only support. We provide our services without agenda, which is pretty rare in this world, where everything seems to come with a price tag.
So the next time you wonder, “Why strippers?” Our answer will be…why not?